Why choose to study in the UK? 

History prevails 

The UK has a long history of welcoming international students into diverse, creative, and multicultural universities and colleges. 

Geographically ideal 

In search of higher education placements, the UK is known to be an established centre for this choice of education and it is situated prominently amongst other countries in Europe.  
International students come to study in the UK from all over the world, especially from countries like the Middle East, Asia, Africa, America and Canada . 

Choice and quality of education dreamt of 

With over 370 universities and colleges offering more than 35,000 undergraduate courses, the UK has a course of study to suit everyone. The UK degree courses are often specialised, so students can focus on their chosen subject from their first day. 
The qualification awarded at the end of the course will be recognised and respected throughout the world as all UK degrees meet strict academic standards. 

Value and improved career prospects is in the horizon 

Studying in the UK can be cheaper than in other countries, because many courses can be completed in three years instead of four or five. 
UK courses give students practical skills, preparing them for employment anywhere in the world. 
Studying in the UK will enhance students’ English language skills, which can be an asset in the global employment marketplace. 

Application process made easy 

UCAS was created by UK universities and colleges to provide an easy and fair application process for everyone. 
Over 121,000 people from outside the UK apply through UCAS, the central admissions service, to study full-time undergraduate degree courses in the UK every year. 
The online application to UK universities and colleges through UCAS enables students to apply for up to five courses at once, making the application process much quicker. 

Benefits of the UK  

The United Kingdom is a country with renowned academic excellence. It excels in its reputation and it is the home of English. The qualification obtained is well respected by employers and academics world-wide. 
The UK Universities are accredited by the British Council. 
The UK is also a bridge to opportunities in Europe. 
A land filled with its deep history and culture and a country with vast multicultural lifestyle. 
An opportunity to develop and gain top quality education in an exciting, vibrant and supportive learning environment. 
Quaequarelli Symonds – A global survey of graduate employers consistently shows that a UK degree is highly valued. It is in the top 10 of the QS employers’ reputation ranking. 

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